The Board has established the Audit, Remuneration and Nomination Committees and all three have written terms of reference setting out their authority and duties.

Audit Committee

The Committee supports the Board in carrying out its responsibilities in relation to financial reporting and reviews the effectiveness of the Group’s internal financial control and financial risk management systems. The Committee also monitors and reviews the effectiveness of the Group’s internal audit function and, on behalf of the Board, manages the appointment and remuneration of the external auditor as well as monitoring their performance, independence and objectivity.

Topics at Audit Committee Meetings

  • Audit, including external and internal;
  • Financial Statements, including interim results and Annual Report;
  • Governance and compliance matters; and
  • Reports from the whistleblower hotline.

Audit Committee Terms of Reference

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is responsible for identifying and proposing candidates for appointment to the Board, having regard to the balance and structure of the Board. 

Nominations Committee Terms of Reference

Remuneration Committee

The primary responsibilities of the Remuneration Committee are to make recommendations to the Board on the framework for and the broad remuneration policies for the Group.

Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference

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