Fraudulent job offers

Fraudulent job offers

Hoax e-mails and calls

Dragon Oil has become aware of fraudulent representations that have been made by individuals or organisations who are not associated with the Group.

In particular, we have become aware recently of e-mails that claim to have been sent by Dragon Oil group personnel from our London or Dubai offices and the pack usually includes terms and agreement, an employment contract, legal information and a letter of appointment. The fraudsters give details of a non-existing immigration agency and ask people to sign these documents and pre-pay the procurement of an air ticket and a visa.

We have also become aware of questionnaires being sent out from [email protected] asking for personal information. [email protected] is not an authorized e-mail address for Dragon Oil.

We would NEVER ask for payment as any part of our recruitment process. We NEVER send unsolicited e-mails to find out future or potential employees’ personal details. Dragon oil always contacts the candidate directly and conducts a panel interview, and then discusses all recruitment issues before sending out any contract. We process all immigration needs and requirements ourselves and we never ask the candidate to pay any charges.

We ask you to check the details of any offer against what is published on our website and we encourage you to apply for suitable positions through our website.

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