Training and development

Training and development

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Over the past few years, the Group has invested significant time and money in a number of training and development initiatives and programmes. This includes in-house and external training courses for developing our key potential and talented employees covering their technical and soft skills.

In the U.A.E., we introduced a specific initiative: the Assistance Programme for Higher Studies. This is a comprehensive education plan, which is available to all talented nationals who have the will to excel.

In Turkmenistan, developing our employees’ skills and abilities is the core priority of our HR strategy. We have therefore developed and implemented a new Training and Development Plan for both professional and new employees. This is targeted, on-the-job training, offered to the people we think will gain the most benefit from it, both out in the field and at our headquarters in Dubai.

We also seek out the best training wherever it may be. Our Turkmen national employees regularly undertake professional training programmes abroad, as well as take up regular internships at our headquarters in Dubai. The latter also supports operations in the field and promotes knowledge-sharing through continuous learning and access to senior management.

Dragon Oil Centre of Excellence was launched in April 2010. The Centre of Excellence is dedicated to the training and development of our employees with a particular focus on our Turkmen national workforce.

The key objectives of the Centre of Excellence are:

  • To enhance and develop the skills and abilities of our employees; To help them develop right skills for more challenging roles in the future;
  • To help the employee reach his/her full potential by setting specific career goals and improving performance;
  • To introduce a continuous learning culture in the company and to provide the employees with necessary facilities to undertake learning;
  • To develop the skills of national employees in both operational and leadership roles to prepare and enable them to assume jobs of higher responsibility as per a defined succession plan; and
  • To provide more and better quality, cost-effective onsite training solutions and facilities for all on-the-job training.


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