Supplier Code of Conduct

Dragon Oil is a wholly owned subsidiary of Emirates National Oil Company (“ENOC").   Dragon Oil has adopted the ENOC Supplier Code of Conduct, as an integral part of our Supplier relationship management.  

The ENOC Supplier Code of Conduct can be accessed through below link(s):





The ENOC Supplier Code of Conduct provides clear insights and understanding of the values, responsibilities, obligations and ethical standards practiced at Dragon Oil and expected from our Suppliers.  It highlights Dragon Oil’s approach towards fair treatment, environment, health and safety standards, workplace conduct, conflict of interest, business courtesies, trademarks, records management, and anti-corruption compliance, among others, all structured to ensure an effective and rewarding collaboration.


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Contractors & Suppliers Self-Service

Vendors Working with Dragon Oil or tendering for Dragon Oil projects can access the self-service here.

Registered Supplier Login: Click here

User Guides and Support Contact: Click here

Prospective Supplier Registration: Click here

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EPIC Contractors to exchange technical deliverables: Click here

Contact details for Assistance

General Email Inquiries: [email protected]

Invoice Related Email Inquiries: [email protected]

Tel: + 971 40 305 3600 Extension 3668 for Direct

Important Notes:

Note that physical submission of registration documents is no longer accepted.

Your online registration request, will be assessed and evaluated. You would be requested to provide further documentation depending upon the products and service requirements.

Please note Request for Registration does not qualify you as an approved vendor with Dragon Oil. You may or may not be contacted based on evaluation by specialists and the nature of the requirement.

Only when the registration request is approved, you will receive the user account and password to iSupplier Portal. For frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to iSupplier Portal.


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