Protecting your investment

Protecting your investment

Acquisition of 46% in Dragon Oil by ENOC

Emirates National Oil Company Ltd. (ENOC) L.L.C. ("ENOC") acquired the remaining 46% in Dragon Oil it did not already own in 2015 at £8/share. The transaction completed in 2015. Please refer to the section on Recommended cash offer for more information.

To accept the offer post the deadline, please follow these instructions:

Shareholders wishing to accept after this date will need to write a short cover letter stating their intention to accept and, if they do not plan to use re-unification services offered by Capita, add that they are claiming their entitlement directly, then send it with their original share certificate (using recorded delivery) to

Dragon Oil
c/o Capita Asset Services
P.O. Box 7117
Dublin 2

If you have questions on on the acceptance process, please call:

Capita Asset Services, Shareholder solutions helpline on telephone number 01 5530050 (or 00 353 1553 0050, if telephoning from outside Ireland), Option 4.

Suspicious phone calls

Dragon Oil has become aware of unsolicited calls to our shareholders to sell or buy Dragon Oil shares. Shareholders are advised to be cautious about any such unsolicited financial advice, offers to buy shares at a discount or offers of any free services.

Boiler room scams

Unsolicited correspondence, e-mails or calls concerning investment matters usually originate from overseas based 'brokers' who target UK shareholders.

If you have been contacted in this manner or you think that you may have become a target of a scam, please contact the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to file a complaint as soon as possible.

  • Ensure you get the full name of the person you spoke to and the organisation they represent, time of the contact if it is a call and the caller’s number;
  • Check they are properly authorised by the FSA before doing anything. You can check this on the FSA’s website.
  • Report it to the FSA. The FSA website maintains a list of overseas firms who have targeted or are targeting UK investors.

The website is

You can call the Consumer Helpline Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) from 8am to 6pm:
Telephone: 0845 606 1234
Typetalk: 18001 0845 606 1234

  • Inform our registrars, Capita Asset Services, Shareholder solutions (Ireland), by calling 00 353 1 553 0050.

How to protect your investment against fraud

To reduce the risk of becoming a victim of fraud:

  • Ensure that share certificates are stored in a safe place, or hold your shares electronically in CREST via a nominee account;
  • Keep correspondence from the Registrars, which shows a shareholder investor code in a safe place, or destroy correspondence by shredding;
  • When changing address, inform the Registrars;
  • If a letter from the Registrars is received regarding a change of address and there has been no recent move, contact the Registrars immediately. The shareholder concerned may be a victim of identity theft; and
  • When buying or selling shares, shareholders should deal only with brokers registered in their own country of residence or the UK.
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