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Community programme

Smaller-scale community-support projects include refurbishment of a local school and nursery. During 2013, we sponsored a number of sports, social and cultural events in Hazar; we will continue to do so for the benefit of the community.

Dragon Oil Cup Tournament

In 2010, Dragon Oil and the Hazar urban sports committee set up the Dragon Oil Cup Tournament.

Here is a translation of an article published in Neutral Turkmenistan highlighting the results of the 5th tournament in Hazar, Turkmenistan.

The tournament launched in 2010 by the petroleum company together with the Hazar urban sports committee is held annually as Hazar open championships in a variety of sports. It quickly gained popularity among young people of this seaside region and the country. Youth sports competitions took place as part of the 5th Tournament for the Dragon Oil Cup in July 2014 with final matches between volleyball teams of Hazar sports school.

The games were kicked off by indoor soccer tournaments involving football players from Ashgabat and towns and districts of the Balkan region. During uncompromising matches, the team from the Ashgabat Olympic Reserve School won. Football players from Hazar took the second place, Kumdag players came third.

Basketball players from Ashgabat, Balkanabat, Dashoguz, Mary, Turkmenbashy and Hazar followed the football players in competing for the Dragon Oil Cup. The tournament hosts were undisputed leaders in these heated games. Teams of Mary and Balkanabat took second and third places in the tournament, respectively.

In the boxing ring of the Hazar Training and Health Centre sportsmen performed an unforgettable show. Boxers from cities of the Balkan region: Balkanabat, Kumdag, Serdar, Turkmenbashy and Hazar participated in the games for the Cup. Young and old came to admire athletes’ strength and dexterity in this courageous sport. The hall was packed. During the preliminary stage, noted by a significant suspense, boxers demonstrated unexpected tactical moves, endurance, perseverance and a strong will to win. The final matches attracted attention of the entire audience. Fans joyfully supported advances of young masters of the “leather glove” and each time welcomed their success by a storm of applause.

Impressive wins by Hazar boxers in these final matches brought them the first place in the overall team ranking. Sportsmen of Balkanabat received the second overall team place. Boxers from Serdar gained the third place on the podium.

The awards ceremony for the champions and prize winners of the Dragon Oil Cup Tournament marked the closing of the boxing tournament. Sponsors and organizers of junior sports competitions held on shore of ancient Hazar awarded certificates of commendation and commemorative gifts to sportsmen.

Read the original article in Russian by Mikhail Bobkin, Neutral Turkmenistan Newspaper