CSR strategy

CSR strategy

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Our Mission is to explore and develop oil and gas resources by leveraging technology and a talented workforce as a dependable, ethical and conscientious partner. The development of the Cheleken Contract Area is a big project for an independent operator, such as Dragon Oil, and entails a significant social responsibility to act accordingly and in harmony with the laws and the community’s values. The centre of our field operations is near the town of Hazar where Dragon Oil actively engages with the community in our firm belief that it is our duty to take care of the community we operate in.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability work in 2015

Our CSR strategy revolves around a number of undertakings where we aim to:

  • Develop and empower our Turkmen national human capital;
  • Contribute in a meaningful way to the welfare of the community in Hazar to foster economic prosperity and well-being;
  • Undertake projects, which help to improve the living standards of both our employees and Hazar citizens in general, with a particular focus on health and education;
  • Promote social development and support education;
  • Undertake projects, develop and implement policies to protect the environment in the Cheleken;
  • Prioritise HSE by putting significant efforts into site HSE enforcement; and
  • Strengthen our relationship with suppliers by introducing the Code of Conduct into every contract.
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