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A workplace of People First

In the spirit of People First, we value our employees.

We offer high quality careers and opportunities for everyone, with a particular focus on our local employees. We are committed to personal growth and development through excellent training and challenging opportunities. We encourage diversity and foster a working culture that is open and motivational.

Indeed, Dragon Oil is a place where people can perform, and we celebrate and reward their efforts accordingly.

Our HR strategy

Our HR strategy is centred on a number of key objectives:  

  • Developing and empowering our national human capital in Turkmenistan to create  an independent skilled workforce;
  • Promoting and supporting employees through education to enhance talents; 
  • Overhauling policies and implementing fresh initiatives to cope with new challenges and market trends; and
  • Focusing our energies to hire and retain the best possible pool of qualified candidates in Turkmenistan and Dubai, UAE.

At the heart of our People First culture is education, training and personal development. We know from experience how unlocking the potential of our people leads to a virtuous circle: when employees achieve more, they enjoy their roles more; and that sense of fulfilment drives even greater ambition, satisfaction - and the company’s growth.

2014 achievements

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