Basra project

Basra project

Refurbishment of sanitary facilities in Basra, Iraq

IHSAN’s mission is to increase the availability of safe drinking water, adequate sanitation and hygiene. Euqally importantly, the organisation will also aim to deliver related education through sustainable development projects, technology and knowledge-sharing.

With this ambitious goal in mind, IHSAN approached the AMAR International Charitable Foundation to work with Dragon Oil to provide a proposal to improve sanitation facilities in Basra City, Iraq, and sponsor the project.

The standard of sanitation in Iraqi schools is hazardously low; few schools have running water or are connected to a system to dispose of waste. There is a particular lack of proper facilities in girls’ secondary schools.

Through this project, Dragon Oil brought about a total modernisation of sanitary facilities at three major secondary schools for girls in Basra.

Each is a large urban school teaching well over 1,000 children. The existing facilities were ripped out and upgraded with brand new water tanks, pipes and sanitary ware, all connected to effective and approved sewerage systems.

The main scope of work covered removal of old sanitary facilities and provision and installation of brand new water tanks, pipes, sinks and toilets connected to a waste disposal system, Ancillary work included fitting of electrical wiring, lights and switches.

Clean water, hygiene and a safe place to learn should be a right for every child. We are proud to have completed such an important health protection project.

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