Desalination plant

Desalination plant

Seawater desalination plant project in Hazar, Turkmenistan

The key objectives were to

  • Provide a 24/7 supply of potable water of the highest quality to the community of Hazar, Turkmenistan in addition to the water supplied by the town system;
  • Establish an additional source of quality water for health and medical facilities in the town;
  • Create a back-up water supply source during extended drought periods;
  • Allow other major water-related facilities such as treatment plants, transmission mains and pump stations to be taken out of service for an extended period of time for maintenance or repairs;
  • Provide an additional source of back-up water during emergencies such as earthquakes.

Dragon Oil procured and installed a module-type Sea water desalination plant consisting of 3 x 500 m3/day trains. The contract to supply and install the desalination plant was awarded to Chriwa GmbH, a German desalination company. The contract for the civil works and construction of the desalination plant platforms was awarded to ILK INSAAT, a Turkmenistan-registered company. The plant was opened in December 2009.

The quality of produced water is 'potable water: 0.2 - 1 g/liter as per DIN 2000, TDS (GOST) 2874-82'

We wanted to demonstrate our long-term commitment to the development od the local community. This is one of the project that help improve the quality of living, health and hygiene standards in the community.

Appreciation messages were extended to Dragon Oil and the management by the Mayor of Hazar and the Governor of the state on this valuable initiative, citing this project as a milestone achievement by the Company.

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