The environment

The environment

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As a hydrocarbons operator, Dragon Oil understands the importance of protecting the environment where we operate. In 2011, we were proud to be able to reduce our gas flaring by almost two thirds, following the commissioning of the government’s gas compressor station at Hazar. Most of our daily production (140 mmscfs) is brought ashore through our new 30-inch, 40km trunk line. A major proportion of the unprocessed gas is fed into the Turkmen system, and we continue to help local homes with domestic gas, and also supply a number of local plants.

In 2011, we achieved the key landmark of defining the company’s Environmental Management System and Waste Management Plan. Developed with expert independent consultants, the system was implemented in 2012.

Our operations in Turkmenistan are certified to ISO 14001, and we also comply with local Turkmenistan legislation.

In January 2013, we constructed a new onshore drilling waste disposal facility, which is now operational. This enables us to maintain strict control over the quality and disposal of our waste mud.

We also drilled a number of onshore monitoring wells at the waste disposal site, in order to maintain strict control over land discharges and ensure no ground or water contamination as a result of the disposal operations.

In order to reduce emissions into the air, in 2014 the Group installed additional equipment for short-term gas treatment. However, as part of a longer-term solution, we intend to build a gas treatment plant that will enable the processing of gas to export quality, reducing the need for current levels of flaring.

In 2014, our Hazar operations hub celebrated the UN-initiated Earth Day by cleaning the city’s harbour area. More than 100 Dragon Oil employees joined in to collect over 250kg of recyclable litter, which was handled at our state-of-the-art waste disposal facility. They also planted 30 trees.

The Earth Day campaign brought together not only representatives of different Dragon Oil departments, but also many of the Company’s contractors.

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