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Dragon Oil  wide focus on performance, profitability, efficiency, and people while maintaining the highest standards of safety, environment protection, and asset integrity. Growth remains essential for the company’s sustainable future.

Ali Al Jarwan

Inaugurated by H.E Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, the 1st Technology Showcase and Conference (A.K.A – Cheleken Technology Showcase)

Our History


Dragon Oil raises funds

Dragon oil raises funds in the market in finance capital investment,in the Chelekan Contract Area

Landmark Production level

Dragon Oil hits a landmark production level of 50,000 bopd at the turn of 2009-2010.

Milestone upgrade

Dragon Oil achieves a key milestone of having laid a new 30-inch 40km offshore and onshore trunk line to bring oil and gas ashore, as well as expand the Central Processing Facility.


Dragon Oil signs a farm-in agreement for a block in Tunisia.

Iraq, Afghanistan

Dragon Oil, in consortia of companies, wins onshore exploration blocks in Iraq

Algeria & Iraq

Dragon Oil in partnership with Enel is awarded two onshore exploration perimeters in Algeria and makes two successful oil discoveries in Block 9, Iraq, in partnership with Kuwait Energy.

ENOC Group

Emirates National Oil Company Ltd. (ENOC) L.L.C. acquires the remaining 46% in Dragon Oil.

Corporate Video

Health & Safety

Risks and challenges are part of our every working day. We not only work with hydrocarbons, we do so in some of the harshest of environments: the winter conditions of the Caspian Sea can be particularly demanding.

Our Community Work

We have therefore launched a range of projects of all types and sizes, each of which has a tangible impact on people’s lives and living standards.

Our Core Values

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    H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum - Chairman

    Deputy Ruler of Dubai and UAE Minister of Finance

    Born in 1945, H.H. Sheikh Hamdan received his early education in the Emirates and then attended Cambridge University. Dragon Oil has progressed under the guidance and oversight of its Board under the Chairmanship of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

    H.E. Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer- Vice Chairman

    H.E. Saeed Mohammed Ahmed Al Tayer has an overall experience of more than 31 years in the field of telecommunications, energy and water.

    Under his leadership since 1992 DEWA achieved unprecedented successes and has become one of the very best distinguished utilities in all aspects world-wide.

    As an initiative of his own, several successful companies were established, including Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (EMPOWER), and many other companies.

    He is a member of Dubai Executive Council and Chairman of Infrastructure and Environment Committee, Vice Chairman of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy (DSCE), Chairman of Dubai Smart City Office, Vice Chairman of Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA), Vice Chairman of Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC), and Chairman of UAE Water Aid (SUQIA) Board OF Trustees. Also, His Excellency is a member, vice chairman, or chairman of various high-level committees, and higher leading councils in the Emirate of Dubai.

    He received a number of prestigious awards such as the “Middle East Champion of  Energy” award received at the World Green Economy Summit 2015 from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Early in 2016, the UNDP appointed His Excellency as its “National Goodwill Ambassador for Sustainable Development”.

    H.E. Abdulrahman Al Saleh - Board Member

    His Excellency Abdulrahman Al Saleh is the Director General of the Department Of Finance of the Emirate of Dubai. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dubai Financial Support Fund.

    Prior to joining DOF, Mr. Al Saleh spent four years as the Senior Executive Director for Corporate Affairs in Dubai Customs (DC). In this role, he was responsible for managing the support departments for DC, which includes Finance, HR Management, HR Development and Admin Services.

    He chaired a number of committees in DC such as introduction of Value Added Tax in Dubai, Employee Affairs Committee, Executive Credit Policy Committee and was a Member of Reform & Modernization Program Committee and Information Technology Steering Committee.

    Prior to this, Mr. Al Saleh held numerous Finance and Accounting positions for government departments on a local and federal level. He gained experience in chairing and participating in various organizational and strategic committees including the Executive Credit Policy Committee and Task Force for Indirect Taxation.

    Mr. Al Saleh is a member of Supreme Fiscal Committee and also a Board Member of Dubai World and the Chairman of Drydocks World. He was member of the High Committee for the Regulation of the Audit Profession in UAE (2002 – 2006).

    He is a fellow member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in the UK, and holds an Executive MBA from the American University of Sharjah.

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      Recommended cash offer (the “Offer”) by Emirates National Oil Company Ltd. (ENOC) L.L.C. (“ENOC”), for the entire issued and to be issued share capital of Dragon Oil plc (the “Company”) not already owned by ENOC.


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      The construction of the desalination plant in 2009 served a dual purpose of providing water to our operations and improving the Community’s access to portable water.

      New polyclinic

      From 2011 to early 2013, Dragon Oil undertook a significant project, building a polyclinic in Hazar, Turkmenistan to provide healthcare services to our employees and the local community. In 2011, Dragon Oil completed the concept design and scope of work and awarded a contract for this US$5mn project to an international contractor. We are pleased to report that the polyclinic building and related infrastructure have been completed and the polyclinic is open to the citizens of Hazar and neighbouring towns.

      We continue to lend support to the local community by undertaking smaller-scale community-support projects, such as the refurbishment of a local school and nursery. We also sponsored a number of sport and art-related events and committees in Hazar, Balkanabad and Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

      State of the art polyclinic in Hazar,Turkmenistan

      As part of our corporate social responsibility activities, we aim to undertake projects that serve the community’s needs and improve people’s living standards as well as bring a better community life. Our primary focus is on such projects for the citizens of the Hazar town, where we have our operations base.

      The construction of a state-of-the-art polyclinic and related facilities, equipped to a high standard and with all the necessary medical supplies, was a big project for Dragon Oil. The services provided at this polyclinic supplement the services offered at the existing polyclinic for the citizens of Hazar, our employees and the families of our local employees. The new polyclinic is located in the vicinity of the existing polyclinic, a hospital and a prophylactic centre.

      The new polyclinic allows to provide medical treatments at brand new facilities with a focus on routine medical treatments, health awareness, disease prevention and health risk management.

      The project called for a construction of a two-storey building with a total of 118 rooms allowing to treat up to 100 patients during two shifts per day. Specialist doctors’ rooms include gastroenterology, ear-nose-and-throat consulting with an operating room, ophthalmology, cardiology among other specialist consulting services.

      Community programme

      Smaller-scale community-support projects include refurbishment of a local school and nursery. During 2013, we sponsored a number of sports, social and cultural events in Hazar; we will continue to do so for the benefit of the community.

      Dragon Oil Cup Tournament

      In 2010, Dragon Oil and the Hazar urban sports committee set up the Dragon Oil Cup Tournament.

      Here is a translation of an article published in Neutral Turkmenistan highlighting the results of the 5th tournament in Hazar, Turkmenistan.

      The tournament launched in 2010 by the petroleum company together with the Hazar urban sports committee is held annually as Hazar open championships in a variety of sports. It quickly gained popularity among young people of this seaside region and the country. Youth sports competitions took place as part of the 5th Tournament for the Dragon Oil Cup in July 2014 with final matches between volleyball teams of Hazar sports school.

      The games were kicked off by indoor soccer tournaments involving football players from Ashgabat and towns and districts of the Balkan region. During uncompromising matches, the team from the Ashgabat Olympic Reserve School won. Football players from Hazar took the second place, Kumdag players came third.

      Basketball players from Ashgabat, Balkanabat, Dashoguz, Mary, Turkmenbashy and Hazar followed the football players in competing for the Dragon Oil Cup. The tournament hosts were undisputed leaders in these heated games. Teams of Mary and Balkanabat took second and third places in the tournament, respectively.

      In the boxing ring of the Hazar Training and Health Centre sportsmen performed an unforgettable show. Boxers from cities of the Balkan region: Balkanabat, Kumdag, Serdar, Turkmenbashy and Hazar participated in the games for the Cup. Young and old came to admire athletes’ strength and dexterity in this courageous sport. The hall was packed. During the preliminary stage, noted by a significant suspense, boxers demonstrated unexpected tactical moves, endurance, perseverance and a strong will to win. The final matches attracted attention of the entire audience. Fans joyfully supported advances of young masters of the “leather glove” and each time welcomed their success by a storm of applause.

      Impressive wins by Hazar boxers in these final matches brought them the first place in the overall team ranking. Sportsmen of Balkanabat received the second overall team place. Boxers from Serdar gained the third place on the podium.

      The awards ceremony for the champions and prize winners of the Dragon Oil Cup Tournament marked the closing of the boxing tournament. Sponsors and organizers of junior sports competitions held on shore of ancient Hazar awarded certificates of commendation and commemorative gifts to sportsmen.

      Read the original article in Russian by Mikhail Bobkin, Neutral Turkmenistan Newspaper

      Work beyond Turkmenistan

      We are extending our corporate social responsibility work to other regions of interest to us. In particular, Iraq is one of the countries where we feel there are significant opportunities for operators to explore and develop the country’s substantial hydrocarbon resources. One of the projects we are commencing in Iraq is the refurbishment of sanitary facilities at three secondary schools for girls in the Basra City, Iraq.
      Refurbishment of sanitary facilities in the Basra region, Iraq

      Introduction from the CEO

      Dragon Oil demands and maintains the highest ethical standards in carrying out its business activities. This is necessary because Dragon Oil’s image is reflected by the people who work for the Dragon Oil Group of companies (the “Group”). Dragon Oil can only build and grow on solid foundations of integrity and strong ethics.

      This Code describes the principles of Dragon Oil’s business ethics and is intended to assist all employees in meeting high standards of personal and professional integrity required of them. The Code applies to everyone who works for or with Dragon Oil, whether as employee, director, consultant, officer, contractor (and their subcontractors) or any other business partner.

      Our ethics policy is straightforward: everyone working for or with Dragon Oil must uphold the highest standards of business integrity and ethics in the conduct of all Company activity, complying with both the spirit and letter of all applicable laws and regulations. Dragon Oil’s employees are expected to avoid any action or behaviour which could create even the perception that such behaviour is unethical, illegal or otherwise improper.

      Irrespective of an employee’s position within Dragon Oil, he or she is involved in the business process including decision-making that affects Dragon Oil and other employees. It can sometimes be difficult to discern if a certain course of action will result in contravention of the provision of the Code. Also, certain situations may arise which may not be covered in our Code of Conduct. If there is any doubt as to whether a certain action is in compliance with the Code or any other Dragon Oil policy, it is expected that an employee will err on the side of caution and discuss the issue with his or her manager. If you have any questions concerning the legality of an action or the meaning of the Code, you should contact Dragon Oil’s Legal Department.

      I am certain that as a team we will uphold the highest ethical standards.

      Thank you,

      Ali Rashid Al Jarwan
      Chief Executive Officer
      Dragon Oil

      Please click here to read the Code in English

      Externally administered confidential (or if requested, anonymous) reporting line is available in a number of languages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Or file an anonymous report at:
      Alternatively, contact directly the Legal and Compliance Department or by email to
      Externally administered confidential reporting line:

      In the UAE

      tel: 800 DRAGON or +971 4 305 3450

      Outside the UAE

      tel: +44 191 516 7777

      Supply chain management: local content

      We believe in conducting ourselves according to the highest standards of business practice. This not only means being true to the Dragon Oil Code of Conduct, which we initiated in 2009; it means looking at how our business impacts the local host areas in which we work.

      Having implemented our Dragon Oil Code of Conduct in 2009 to ensure best practice throughout the company, we followed it with a programme to ensure that our contractors follow our code as well. For every project, we conduct a competitive bidding process where we set out specific requirements defining quality, delivery and integrity. We select suppliers based on the best available offer while also taking into account reliability, experience and any previous working relationship we may have had with them.

      In 2011, we started to encourage actively our suppliers to use locally sourced labour and materials. In 2012, we laid the foundation of this strategy by endeavouring that any tender we receive for major projects needs to comprise a minimum of 20% local content, if at all possible.

      We are also leading by example. In 2010, we allocated land in the harbour area to contractors to allow them to construct platforms and gathering blocks near Dragon Oil’s operations. This not only helped us to supervise the contractors and keep to deadlines, but also had the effect of bringing more local jobs and orders for supplies to the area.

      In 2011, the Dzheitune (Lam) Block 1 and C platforms were built in our ship yard followed by the Dzhygalybeg (Zhdanov) Block 4 gathering platform as well as the Dzhygalybeg (Zhdanov) B platform.

      Use of local content brings benefits to everyone: our employees, our suppliers, the local community and our host government. Development of the Cheleken Contract Area fields means new opportunities for local businesses and new jobs for local people in, for example, construction and transport.

      This helps to stimulate development of the small- and medium-sized enterprise sector within the country. We partner with more than 20 local companies for contractual work and materials supply, and the value of contracts awarded to local companies within the past three years amounts to approximately US$26mn. Currently more than 3,000 local workers are employed by our contractor companies working on infrastructure projects in the Cheleken area.

      Ali Rashid Al Jarwan - CEO

      On 4th March 2017 Al-Jarwan joined Dragon Oil as MD Exploration & Production and CEO.  He has over 3 decades of leadership and technical experience in E&P. Al-Jarwan earned a B.Sc degree in petroleum engineering from the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma; MBA from the International Institute of Management Development in Switzerland; and a degree in General Management from Cranfield School of Management in the UK.

      Ali Rashid Al Jarwan held several leadership positions in ADNOC group among them is Chief Executive Officer of AbuDhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO) from June 2006 to June 2016.  He also served as Board Member in several organizations such as, NPPC, NDC, Atheer, IRSHAD and the Petroleum Institute.

      Al-Jarwan has received several recognition awards, including the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) ‘Regional Service Award’ in 1992, the distinguished SPE membership in 1999 and SPE/AIME (American Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers) honorary membership in 2013, and The Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.  He has also chaired several international conferences such as GEO in 2002, the 8th HSE International Conference in 2006 and ADIPEC 2006, 2008 and 2012.

      Fareed Abdulla Al Hashmi - Executive Director - Petroleum Development

      Fareed AlHashmi joined Dragon Oil in July 2017 as Executive Director – Petroleum Development and recently promoted to Chief Operating Officer – Operating Assets.

      With over 35 years of experience in field development, drilling, operations and as well as management, he worked namely for ADNOC. Fareed holds a Bachelor of Science degree in petroleum engineering from WVU in USA.

      In 2004, he was appointed as the Chairman of the newly formed ADNOC/ PI Research & Development Oil Sub-Committee. In July 2007 he was appointed as the Assistant General Manager (Existing Development). In January 2010 became responsible for Bab Field and ADNOC Sole Risks as Senior Vice President (Bab & Gas) and afterwards in 2013 became responsible for North East Fields.

      He served as the Regional Director of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) representing Middle East and North Africa for the period 2013-2015. During the period 2008–2016, Fareed Served ADIPEC as Technical Program Chairman.

      Ahmad Ali Bin Obood - Director of Finance and Planning

      On October 2017, BinObood has joined Dragon Oil as the Director of Finance.  He has over 19 years of leadership and financial experience, mainly in the Government Sector. BinObood earned a B.Sc degree in Accounting from the Higher Colleges of Technology in Dubai, and an MBA from Zayed University; and a degree in Leadership from Harvard School.

      Ahmad Ali BinObood is a strong team builder and promotes an atmosphere that encourages high talented professionals to balance high level skills with maximum production.  BinObood held several leadership positions including the Director of Finance at Dubai Health Authority in 2006, and the Finance Director at Dubai Land Department in 2009.  In 2012, he also served as the Director of Finance at the Prime Minister’s Office.
      BinObood has received several recognition awards, such as the distinguished Government Employee across the Emirate of Dubai in 2005 within the Dubai Government Excellence Program.

      In September 2019, BinObood was promoted to be the Chief Financial Officer of DragonOil.

      Mana Bin Qutami - Executive Director of Corporate Services

      Mana Bin Qutami, Executive Director of Corporate Services comes to us with finance background and over 15 years of experience in the public and private sectors and holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Sunderland in the United Kingdom.

      He is responsible to lead, direct and manage Dragon Oil’s IT and Procurement services ensuring effective development and implementation of strategies, processes, policies, and procedures in order to support the achievement of business objectives in line with the vision.

      Mana first joined Dragon Oil as Joint Venture Accountant handling Tunisia, Iraq and Afghanistan projects, he has then worked as Head of Operations in the Purchasing Department, after which he has served in the HR Department as the Director of HR & Admin before finally being assigned as Executive Director of Corporate Services. His career also includes experience of structured finance, merges and acquisitions from the banking sector.

      Tayeb Huwair - Executive Director - Engineering & Projects, OPERATIONS

      Mr. Tayeb Huwair: joined Dragon Oil on 21st May, 2017 as Chief Operating Officer (Non-Operating Asset) based in Dubai.  Tayeb holds a Bachelor’s degree from Tri State University, Indiana USA in Chemical Engineering.  Tayeb comes to us with over 25 years of experience in Project Management, Project Interfaces, Discipline Engineering, Field Development Concepts, Business Planning, Screening and Ranking of Capital Investments and Operation.  Before joining Dragon Oil, Mr. Huwair worked for ADMA-OPCO as Senior Vice President (Projectd & Engineering).

      For all share certificate-related enquiries, please contact Dragon Oil’s Company Registrars:

      Capita Asset Services, Shareholder solutions (Ireland)

      2 Grand Canal Square

      Dublin 2, Ireland

      Tel: 00 353 1 553 0050

      Fax: 00 353 1 224 0700

      E-mail Capita Registrars

      Website for Capita Share Portal

      Tel for calls outside the UK: 00 44 (0)20 3367 2687.

      Protecting your investment

      Acquisition of 46% in Dragon Oil by ENOC

      Emirates National Oil Company Ltd. (ENOC) L.L.C. (“ENOC”) acquired the remaining 46% in Dragon Oil it did not already own in 2015 at £8/share. The transaction completed in 2015. Please refer to the section on Recommended cash offer for more information.

      To accept the offer post the deadline, please follow these instructions:

      Shareholders wishing to accept after this date will need to write a short cover letter stating their intention to accept and, if they do not plan to use re-unification services offered by Capita, add that they are claiming their entitlement directly, then send it with their original share certificate (using recorded delivery) to

      Dragon Oil
      c/o Capita Asset Services
      P.O. Box 7117
      Dublin 2

      If you have questions on on the acceptance process, please call:

      Capita Asset Services, Shareholder solutions helpline on telephone number 01 5530050 (or 00 353 1553 0050, if telephoning from outside Ireland), Option 4.

      Suspicious phone calls

      Dragon Oil has become aware of unsolicited calls to our shareholders to sell or buy Dragon Oil shares. Shareholders are advised to be cautious about any such unsolicited financial advice, offers to buy shares at a discount or offers of any free services.

      Boiler room scams

      Unsolicited correspondence, e-mails or calls concerning investment matters usually originate from overseas based ‘brokers’ who target UK shareholders.

      If you have been contacted in this manner or you think that you may have become a target of a scam, please contact the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to file a complaint as soon as possible.

      • Ensure you get the full name of the person you spoke to and the organisation they represent, time of the contact if it is a call and the caller’s number;
      • Check they are properly authorised by the FSA before doing anything. You can check this on the FSA’s website.
      • Report it to the FSA. The FSA website maintains a list of overseas firms who have targeted or are targeting UK investors.

      The website is

      You can call the Consumer Helpline Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) from 8am to 6pm:
      Telephone: 0845 606 1234
      Typetalk: 18001 0845 606 1234

      • Inform our registrars, Capita Asset Services, Shareholder solutions (Ireland), by calling 00 353 1 553 0050.

      How to protect your investment against fraud

      To reduce the risk of becoming a victim of fraud:

      • Ensure that share certificates are stored in a safe place, or hold your shares electronically in CREST via a nominee account;
      • Keep correspondence from the Registrars, which shows a shareholder investor code in a safe place, or destroy correspondence by shredding;
      • When changing address, inform the Registrars;
      • If a letter from the Registrars is received regarding a change of address and there has been no recent move, contact the Registrars immediately. The shareholder concerned may be a victim of identity theft; and
      • When buying or selling shares, shareholders should deal only with brokers registered in their own country of residence or the UK.

      Our CSR strategy revolves around a number of undertakings where we aim to:

      • Develop and empower our Turkmen national human capital;
      • Contribute in a meaningful way to the welfare of the community in Hazar to foster economic prosperity and well-being;
      • Undertake projects, which help to improve the living standards of both our employees and Hazar citizens in general, with a particular focus on health and education;
      • Promote social development and support education;
      • Undertake projects, develop and implement policies to protect the environment in the Cheleken;
      • Prioritise HSE by putting significant efforts into site HSE enforcement; and
      • Strengthen our relationship with suppliers by introducing the Code of Conduct into every contract.

      At the heart of our People First culture is education, training and personal development. We know from experience how unlocking the potential of our people leads to a virtuous circle: when employees achieve more, they enjoy their roles more; and that sense of fulfilment drives even greater ambition, satisfaction – and the company’s growth.

      2014 achievements

      We also seek out the best training wherever it may be. Our Turkmen national employees regularly undertake professional training programmes abroad, as well as take up regular internships at our headquarters in Dubai. The latter also supports operations in the field and promotes knowledge-sharing through continuous learning and access to senior management.

      Dragon Oil Centre of Excellence was launched in April 2010. The Centre of Excellence is dedicated to the training and development of our employees with a particular focus on our Turkmen national workforce.

      The key objectives of the Centre of Excellence are:

      • To enhance and develop the skills and abilities of our employees; To help them develop right skills for more challenging roles in the future;
      • To help the employee reach his/her full potential by setting specific career goals and improving performance;
      • To introduce a continuous learning culture in the company and to provide the employees with necessary facilities to undertake learning;
      • To develop the skills of national employees in both operational and leadership roles to prepare and enable them to assume jobs of higher responsibility as per a defined succession plan; and
      • To provide more and better quality, cost-effective onsite training solutions and facilities for all on-the-job training.

      Dividend History

      YearPeriodDividend per share, US centsDividend per share, GB penceDividend per share, Euro centsAnnouncement dateEx-dividend dateRecord datePayment date
      2014Final1610.915.117/02/201502/04/201507/04/2015 30/04/2015
      2013Interim159.711.306/08/201314/08/201316/08/2013 16/09/2013
      2012Final159.811.412/02/201303/04/201305/04/2013 03/05/2013
      2012Interim159.411.914/08/201222/08/201224/08/2012 20/09/2012
      2011Final116.98.421/02/201228/03/2012 30/03/2012 27/04/2012
      2011Interim95.76.610/08/201117/08/2011 19/08/201123/09/2011
      2010Full-year148.69.922/02/2011 27/04/201103/05/201103/05/2011

      Abdulkarim Ahmed AlMaazmi - Executive Director Exploration & New Ventures

      Mr Abdulkarim Almaazmi is a veteran leader and amongst the most respected minds in the oil and gas sector. He has accumulated over 36 years of experience and a strong delivery record. His leadership was proven in significant businesses with large multi-cultural and multi-discipline teams.  Abdulkarim has built mutually respectful and influential business relationships with stakeholders in the Middle East Region and represented companies at senior executive positions.

      Savvy visionary and is esteemed as a proponent of empowerment and accountability and is known for leading companies through changes and challenges to profitable growth.

      In July 2011, he served as the President & General Manager of BP UAE, where he spearheaded the upstream segment in partnership with ADNOC and the Government of Sharjah. Under his leadership the company collectively produced around 235 thousand barrels of oil per day BP Net. He served as primary contact for onshore concession renewal (ADCO 2014) and offshore (ADMA 2018).

      Abdulkarim joined Dragon Oil (ENOC) in May 2018 as Executive Director of Exploration & New Ventures. Overseeing interests in MENA region.

      Additionally, his Board Memberships include:

      • Board member of ADCO, ADMA, ADGAS, NGSCO & Bunduq Abu Dhabi (2011-2016)
      • Board member of Anabeeb JV Company – Sharjah (2010 – 2016)
      • Governance Board member in Petroleum Institute – Abu Dhabi (2011- 2016)
      • Board of Trustees for Emirates National Development Program Dubai (2005 – 2013)Mr

      Mrs. Badria Khalfan -Chief HR Officer

      Mrs. Badria Khalfan – Chief HR Officer joined Dragon Oil on the 6th May 2018 with approximately 30 years of experience. Her passion is sharing her vast HR experience by managing and leading HR infrastructure through technology, compliance and people. Badria also enjoys in-depth, professional and hands on experience in different HR functions. Prior to joining Dragon Oil as a Director of Human Resources and Administration, Badria held several corporate HR leadership positions in the oil and gas industry.

      Badria served also as a Human Capital Manager in ADMA-OPCO, Human Resource & Administration Deputy Director in ADNOC. She has played important roles as a Chairperson in different committees such as Job Evaluation Committee, ADNOC Group National Recruitment Committee, Supply & Procurement Evaluation Committee (SPEC) and Housing Allocation Committee (HAC).

      Badria holds a BSc degree in Business Administration and an MBA in Global Leadership and Management from the University of United Arab Emirates.  She is an active member of many prominent HR organizations both on the national and International level.

      Hussain Lootah - Board Member

      Board Member

      Hussain Lootah is an accomplished and entrepreneurial senior-level executive with more than 30 years of experience in the Oil and Gas sector in the UAE. Notably, he has had a long <br>and successful career with ADNOC group of companies and his wealth of experience extends to both the upstream and downstream sectors. Mr Lootah holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and Economics from New Hampshire College, UK, and a CPA from Montana University.

      Qusai Al Shared - Board Member

      Board Member

      Qusai Al Shared has 25 years’ experience in the energy industry. He has a BSc in electrical engineering from UAE university and an MBA from Heriot Watt university with a particular focus on privatization and regulation. He held several executive positions in the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, including power system operation, planning and projects, generation, and distribution. Since 2006 he has pursued an independent career, including working with the consultancy Green Energy and in the construction and real estate sectors as well as a tenure as an energy advisor for Dubai Municipality

      HR Disclaimer

      Take care to avoid fraudulent communications purporting to be on behalf of companies within the Dragon Oil group entities. Find out what to do if you receive an email you think is fraudulent.

      Recent incidents have occurred involving organisations falsely claiming to recruit on behalf of Dragon Oil. These organisations, claiming to either work for or be affiliated with Dragon Oil, notify individuals that their qualifications were found suitable to work as an employee (local or expatriate) for Dragon Oil and solicit the transfer of significant sums of money to pay for work permits, insurance policies, etc.Please note that Dragon Oil does not (nor do any of the organisations that recruit on our behalf) ever ask for money or payments from applicants at any point in the recruitment process. All individuals who are successful in gaining an offer of employment from Dragon Oil, whether directly or indirectly, are always required to go through a formal recruitment process.

      Please note that these communications are fraudulent. They do not originate from Dragon Oil or its parent company, ENOC, nor are they associated with Dragon Oil’s recruitment process.

      Salient points of such communications are that they come from non-Dragon Oil e-mail addresses (e.g. from a address); the use of English is poor; and at some stage money is requested.

      We recommend that you do not respond to unsolicited business propositions and/or offers from people with whom you are unfamiliar. Do not disclose your personal or financial details to anyone you do not know. If you receive such proposals, we would advise you to contact your local police station and provide them with all information you may have from the senders (email addresses, phone/fax details, etc.).

      :بيان تحذيري

      .إحرصو على تجنب الإتصالات إلاحتياليه التي يزعم أنها بالنيابه عن شركة دراجون أويل او مجموعة الشركات التابعه لها

       يجب عليكم التعرف على ما يجب فعله إذا تلقيتم بريدا إلكترونياً تعتقد أنه إحتيالي بسبب وقوع حوادث كثيره في الإونه الاخيرة ارتبطت بشركات توظيف تدعي زوراً أنها تقوم بالتوظيف نيابه عن شركة دراجون اويل او مجموعة الشركات التابعه لها . حيث أنها تخطر الافراد بانه تم مراجعة مؤهلاتهم عن طريق الشبكات المختلفه للتوظيف, وأنهم مؤهلون للعمل لدى مجموعة شركات دراجون اويل سواءاً لغرض التوطين أو تعيين الوافدين الباحثيين عن عمل ,و تطلب منهم تحويل مبالغ كبيرة من المال لدفع ثمن رسوم التوظيف او تصاريح العمل او بوليصة التأمين ,الخ

      يرجى العلم بان دراجون اويل أو أي شركة تابعه لها أو متعاونه معها لن تقوم بطلب أموال أو رسوم يتم دفعها في أي مرحله من مراحل عملية التوظيف

      قو تماماً انه يطلب دائماً من جميع الافراد المرشحين أو الذين ينجحون في الحصول على عرض عمل من مجموعة شركات دراجون اويل سواءاً بشكل مباشر او غير مباشر الخضوع لعميلة توظيف رسميه حسب سياسة التوظيف لدى مجموعة شركات دراجون اويل او شركتها الام اينوك أو شركات التوظيف المتعاونه معها القائمة على اسس و لوائح واضحه وبعيداً عن أي مطالبات مالية

       يمكنكم التعرف على بعض من عمليات الإحتيال عن طريق عنوان البريد الالكتروني , حيث أنها تأتي من عناوين بريد إلكترونيه غير تابعه لشركات دراجون اويل ,وعلى سبيل المثال من عناوين  مثل ( ياهو او قوقل دوت كوم ) حيث تستخدم فيها لغه غير رسميه وفي بعض المراحل يتم يطلب تحويل مبالغ مالية لبدء أو إتمام عملية التوظيف

      نوصيكم بعدم الرد على عروض ألاعمال أو التوظيف المرسلة بطريقة غير رسمية , ولا تفصحو عن بياناتكم الشخصية أو المالية لأي أشخاص لا تربطكم بهم اي صله,و إن تلقيتم اي من هذه الرسائل نرجو منكم الإتصال بأقرب مركز شرطة وتزويدهم بجميع المعلومات التي قد تكون لديكم من المرسلين وبالاخص عناوين البريد الالكتروني و ارقام الهواتف / الفاكس وما غيرها 

      Внимание, опасайтесь мошеннических сообщений, якобы направленных от имени компаний, входящих в группу «Драгон Ойл»!

      Ознакомьтесь с порядком действий при получении сообщений, которые кажутся вам подозрительными.

      В последнее время участились инциденты с участием организаций, ложно заявляющих о найме работников от имени «Драгон Ойл». Эти организации, утверждающие, что они являются аффилированными компаниями или уполномочены «Драгон Ойл», уведомляют людей от том, что их квалификация соответствует требованиям на должности (местные или экспатские) в «Драгон Ойл» и предлагают перевести значительные денежные суммы в качестве оплаты разрешений на работу, страховых полисов и т.д.

      Обратите внимание, что «Драгон Ойл» (а также компании, производящие набор персонала по поручению «Драгон Ойл») никогда не просят перевести деньги или произвести какую-либо оплату от соискателей на всех этапах процесса найма. Все кандидаты, получившие предложение о приеме на работу в «Драгон Ойл» напрямую или через уполномоченные кадровые агентства, всегда проходят через формальные процедуры найма.

      Пожалуйста, имейте в виду, что указанные выше сообщения являются мошенническими! Они не исходят от компании «Драгон Ойл» или ее материнской компании – «ENOC» и никак не связаны с официальным наймом персонала в «Драгон Ойл».

      Отличительными особенностями таких мошеннических сообщений являются следующие: они направлены не с официальных электронных адресов «Драгон Ойл» (а, например, с использованием электронной почты; написаны с ошибками, с низким уровнем английского языка; на каком-то этапе возникает просьба произвести перевод денег.

      Рекомендуем вам не отвечать на подобные сообщения, а также на какие-либо бизнес-предложения, направленные без вашего запроса, от людей или организаций, которые вам незнакомы.

      Если вы получили такие предложения, рекомендуем вам незамедлительно обратиться в местные правоохранительные органы и предоставить им всю имеющуюся у вас информацию об отправителях (адреса электронной почты, номера телефонов, факсов и т.д.)