Our community work

Our community work

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We have always believed that our commitment to our host communities should go way beyond a contract of simply being a good employer. To be a major business and a significant employer in a community brings with it an equally significant responsibility: to contribute to the community’s quality of life socially, economically and culturally.

We have therefore launched a range of projects of all types and sizes, each of which has a tangible impact on people’s lives and living standards. 

Desalination plant

The construction of the desalination plant in 2009 served a dual purpose of providing water to our operations and improving the Community’s access to portable water.

The seawater desalination plant case study

New polyclinic

From 2011 to early 2013, Dragon Oil undertook a significant project, building a polyclinic in Hazar, Turkmenistan to provide healthcare services to our employees and the local community. In 2011, Dragon Oil completed the concept design and scope of work and awarded a contract for this US$5mn project to an international contractor. We are pleased to report that the polyclinic building and related infrastructure have been completed and the polyclinic is open to the citizens of Hazar and neighbouring towns.

We continue to lend support to the local community by undertaking smaller-scale community-support projects, such as the refurbishment of a local school and nursery. We also sponsored a number of sport and art-related events and committees in Hazar, Balkanabad and Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

State-of-the-art polyclinic in Hazar, Turkmenistan

Community programme

Smaller-scale community-support projects include refurbishment of a local school and nursery. During 2013, we sponsored a number of sports, social and cultural events in Hazar; we will continue to do so for the benefit of the community.

Dragon Oil Cup Tournament

Work beyond Turkmenistan

We are extending our corporate social responsibility work to other regions of interest to us. In particular, Iraq is one of the countries where we feel there are significant opportunities for operators to explore and develop the country’s substantial hydrocarbon resources. One of the projects we are commencing in Iraq is the refurbishment of sanitary facilities at three secondary schools for girls in the Basra City, Iraq.

Refurbishment of sanitary facilities in the Basra region, Iraq

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